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Lecture 3

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Jonathan Haxell

Intro to Anthropology, Lecture 3 Midterm -90 marks, 1 and ¼ hour Four sections-all the material presented so far, plus required readings, non-human primate behaviour Short Answer (60 percent) -Can include small paragraphs, no essays Fill in the Blank -Ten blanks, one mark each Matching -Ten answers, right hand to left hand column Multiple Choices -20 questions, one mark each Primate populations Two Suborders: Strepsirhini (wet nose) -Cold wet noses, better sense of smell in primate populations -Protrusive face, see only in grayscale -Many are nocturnal -All are endangered, from competition of other primates -Tropical rainforests population -Quadripedal Examples: Ring-tailed Lemur and Sifaka -One very few that are terrestrial orientated, ground dwelling -Isolation, all lemur population is limited to one place and space, in Madagascar -Geologically Madagascar is isolated, do not have any natural predators -Diurnal population (Sifaka) Ex. Loris -Nocturnal population, closely placed eyes -Never spends any time on the ground, tree dwelling -Insect and fruit eating Haplorhini (dry nose) -Humans, apes, monkeys Infraorder of Haplorhini Tarsiiformes -Nocturnal, enormous eyes they occupy 30-35 percent of the face -Lacks the muscles to move around the eyes therefore eyes cannot move around, turns it head in almost 360 degrees -Tree dwelling -Moves around differently, locomotor pattern: Climbing/leaping, which is reflected in the morphology of the population -Long legs and feet Example: Tarsier -Insect eating, sneaks up on insects from behind -Tarsal bone-very long bone in the foot Simiiformes (monkey-life population) Parvorder of Simiiformes Platyrrhini -Monkeys of the new world, Central America -Broad nose, flatter face, sees in col
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