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Jonathan Haxell

AR103 - Week 1 - Sep .14, 2011 AR103 Class #1 What is Anthropology? - Anthropology comes from the root words Anthropos “humans” and Logos “study of.” Anthropology is the study of humans. - Anthropology, the study of human kind, seeks to produce generalizations of people and their behaviour. - Defining anthropology through its goals and the practice. - Morphology - morphos “manipulation of structure, shape, form” is the study of habitat, environment, behaviour; mates, predators, food, shelter, of biological populations. - Information needed to know about human population like in the way we know about animal populations: - Subsistence - Diet - Other resources - Habitat - Impact on humans (i.e. Climate) - Human influence on environment - Morphology - Morphological change - Family organization - Mating behaviour - Social structure - Stratification - Communication system - Reading & writing - Language - Posture & gesture - Facial Expressions - Paralanguage (sounds “Uhhh” meaning I'm thinking)- implied thought - Institutions - Government - Universities - Beliefs - Religion - Cosmology (relationship between cause and effect) - Behaviours - Learned behaviours - Rules governing behaviour - Codified laws (written down) - Non-codified laws (not written down) (Norms: morals, customs, traditions) - Biological controlled behaviour / instincts (i.e. flight/plight response) - Technology - Physiology - study of the processes of form/ function Major Subfields of Anthropology Physical / Biological Anthropology ▯ Principle: Humans studied as biological organisms. ▯ Practice: Studies interaction human biology, human behaviour, human ▯ environment. 1 AR103 - Week 1 - Sep .14, 2011 ▯ Sub-disciplines: ▯ ▯ Human Evolution ▯ ▯ Principle: Study development of modern human morphology ▯ ▯ Practice: - Stages of evolution - Mechanisms of biological change - Reconstruct ancient enviro
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