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Lecture 3

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Nirmal Dass

- around 1200 BC - the collapse of the bronze age - systematic burning and destruction of cities in a very short period of time - until about 1180 BC there is massive destruction - 43 important cities destroyed - what has led to this kind of destruction? - The remains suggest burning, slaughter - The end of the palace economy - The centrality of the palace has disappeared - After the bronze age there is the intro of the iron age - Shardana – in Egyptian means raiders – some have suggested sea raiders - Egypt too is destroyed - Hyksos are the raiders and they rule Egypt for around 200 years - Mycenae is burned - They would write on clay but because of the intensity of the fire they became ceramic - If that destruction didn’t happen perhaps our knowledge of linear b would be limited - This time is when the language we know as greek is established - The raiders are greek, they speak a northern dialect of greek and after the destruction there is a mingling of the two d
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