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Nirmal Dass

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Power of Ideals - - current war against the peloponnesians and the pericles’ status as general of the city state of Athens - Pericles was well versed and educated in politics, societal matters, arts, drama, and culture - Commerate those who died in the Athenian military - Athens is a great and noble city which serves as a template or inspiration for all others as the first true democracy - Talks about the Athenian army and navy and how accepting of foreigners they can be with still strongest military - Athenians are feared across the land and enemies exaggerate their power when they fall to Athens, and when Athens falls to increase their own reputation - Lives were not lost in vain, do not need to mourn them, we mourn all men - Patriotic - Democracy - Submit to laws because they want to - Adapt to any situation - Should be a model to others, follow no one - Power of Athens lied in the people - All people have a place and purpose in the state - Ideals : civic responsibility, democracy, engagement among borders, sharing of ideas, melding of cultures - Athenians was a society worth dying for - Local pride and identity - Fairness and equality - Status determined by ability - Moral ethos “unwritten laws which it is acknowledged shame to break” - Athenian education vs. Spartan militarianism - Thought before action  Athens maintained a confident superiority above and beyond all other greek states - Athens is an education to Greece because it stands for the freedom of the citizen, because of its constutition, but with greatness comes peril - Importance of personal sacrifice - Slain fighters fought for the continuation of Athenian culture - Democracy brings equality, merit brings public success, social and economic mobility is encouraged, the law protects all: - Compares to Sparta - Religious aspect of their lives with sacrifices - They are powerful because of their ideals - In Athens, unlike - Could defeat the Spartans - Democracy allows men to a
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