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Wilfrid Laurier University
Nirmal Dass

CL101 – November 06, 2012 Greek Art and Architecture How to look at Greek art, and how to see and what the art is trying to accomplish − already know concept of humanism − look at new concept of rationality and concept of ideas − look at all 3 and Greek art and architecture makes sense − look at patterns − often greek art comes down to us in fragments, but if we have an understanding of it, we can appreciate it − keep this in mind always: art is not entertainment to ancient greeks − Humanism can be expressed as a saying - Protagoras: man is the measure of all things − saying summarizes humanism − places humanity as the centre of everything − always explains reality through the human being − the world is senseless, useless without human beings − because human = centre, it also stresses human individuality and freedom too (but in the context of the community) − freedom is intimately connected with responsibility because our actions always connect with other human beings around us − Rationality = Reason (the use of reason/reasoning) − reason is about cause and effect (concerns science because they do experiments to find the cause and effects of things, ie. Cures; same kind of rational thinking involved) − we're looking at 480-400BC − Greek temples are never so vast – they are on a human scale because it is for humans – yes there may be a statue of a god, but it is ultimately a housing for humans − idealism in a simple way represents perfection (idealism = perfection) − to portray art as an ideal (ie. Statues) − =essence of all things (idealism = perfection = essence) supposed to be expressed in the art form − art thus involves humans because they are the centre of all things − the body can be made perfect − we are guilty of the exercise culture, the g
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