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Nirmal Dass

Dass CL101 Week 1 Lecture 1 September 11 , 2012 *fundamental/notion* Theory that the world was flat, and that if you started at point a -> b you would fall off was actually never believed, Christopher Columbus did not sail around the world to prove it. Stories like this are repeated until believed true. It is said that history is important to learn a lesson, even though no one asks what lessons are needed to be learned. This has been repeated constantly so people believe it. Greek logic: only the free mind/human being can ask questions. Someone in prison or slaved cannot ask questions. Asking questions showed individuality. If questions aren’t asked, changes can’t happen. It was the Greeks that discovered the human mind. - Logic, reason, philosophy Who and what we are? mind vs. brain / world vs. earth Born with brains, not minds. When writing began, they focused on humanity based on mythology. Why are we indebted to the Greeks and why are they fundamental? French author states, “we all still live in the ancient Greek world.” Human beings are told to think for themselves. Greeks do not want to think according to the Gods, they want to think according to themselves. Nature is a set of rules/laws that can be understood, once understood it can be used to our benefit. (Cause[divine] and Effect). The modern world begins with the Greeks. Human endeavor must have positive results. Greek notion of community. Humans create city fo
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