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Nirmal Dass

Dass CL101 Week 5 Lecture 2 – October 11, 2012 Athens, Its Rise and Fall One page write up due Thursday not Tuesday ** - Process of Synoecism (amalgamation uniting) o 600BC o In a region, all various cities/towns, agreed to become one unit (a collective)  Peaceful process o Attica, largest city is Athens  One of the wealthiest cities, trading connections everywhere  Tax base efficient, organized navy o Different in Athens, makes Athens different  Does not set up Athenian colonies, does not mean they have social problems o Solon (549BC)  Dictator, someone who rules (of Athens), “president”  First job is to negate problems, does not want these problems happening in Athens  Enacts reforms, a law, forgives everyone’s debt, revolutionary  Was one a crime to be in debt, to owe money o Lydia  Part of Attica  Invents process/system that has been refined, currency, coin called ‘obol’, always silver, ‘sestersis’ is gold  Before this time, there was no money in the world  Revolutionizes comers and trade  Ability to purchase things is done though symbolic means  This process makes purchasing an abstract idea, no longer tied up with simple trade of goods  Today, it is purely symbolic  Introduction of proper commercialism o Now can become a trader, able to buy and sell things  Transporting gold  Rather than transporting gold, they give currency that equals the amount of gold  Athens expands the notion of currency, now a need and something that everyone requires o Merchants  Metics, not Athenians, from other countries
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