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Lecture 6

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Nirmal Dass

Week 6 Lecture 1 – October 16 2012th Politics - Asia minor/Turkey elected to be a park of Greek Empire - First Greek city that gave them support to these various cities was Athens - Real source of problem was Athens Battle at Marathon - Southwest of Athens, Persians able to bring in army on ships - Athenians gather there 20k army - Athenians win - Pheidippides after war arrives back to Athens, says we have won and dies - Only Athenian victory, others don’t join - Power and wealth results in - Athens keeps getting bigger and stronger Sparta sends ambassadors to various parts of Greek world to look for allies, those who don’t like Athens either Battle of Themopylae - Persians try to invade again - Xerxes interested in destroying Athens, incorporating Greece into empire - Say for allies to join and destroy Persians again - Leonidas made private promise to Athenian ambassador that he will come to Athens aid, low is important, you can’t back out o One day says to the council and wife that he is going for a walk o Must always be accompanied by his body guard (300) o Does not stop walking until he reaches Themopylae - 300 Spartans kill 10k Persians, ran out of weapons/break, then they are killed Battle Salamis - Athenian army and navy resort back to this island - Victorious, rebuild the city Peloponnesian War - Civil war - All of Sparta and Athens - Athens loses, Sparta wins Corrent defeats Spartans Athens has ‘glory days’ short time (60years) Week 6 Lecture 2 – October 18 2012 Macedonia - In the northern parts of Greece, Greek speaking, Dorians settled here - Not a lot of Greek-Macedonian pe
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