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Nirmal Dass

Week 8 Lecture 2 – November 1 2012 Ancient Greek Literature Greek drama - Thespis = thespian, theatre is also Greek, place to see things/where things are performed - Seeing and observing , space needs to be created - Aspects of acoustic has to be understood - Science of acoustic and architecture (where a space is created) - Entire focus of city is theatre - First indication was dithyramb, often related to the story of Dionysus involves choir singing in harmony, one of the singer stands forwards and begins to say a story with the music helping for more dramatic parts - Drama meaning to see or observe - Dionysus new comer, god of wine, also the god of irrational, wine gets you drunk and not able to function normally etc, this is how he acted, patron god - Drama is a form of warship, adoration of Dionysus - Tragedy, comes from tragos (goat) and odien (to sing) o First few days tragedy, last few days comedy (3 play deal) tragedy, comedy, satyr o The tragic hero is given all kinds of short comings and difficulties, piled on with sin, blamed for the wrong choice, a person who is willingly walking into a role where he assumes all negatives o The story that is told of him tends to be what it is, everything comes apart, nothing ever works for him, concept of chaos, all decisions are always the wrong ones, and everyone suffers from the result o When animals are looked at in a cultural setting, they assume certain characteristics and roles, the animals are given cultural meaning than their physical being o When the goat is turned to in Greek religion, “scapegoat” notion of the victim, they have to pay for the crime. Short comings of society was placed upon the goat and then killed, victim meaning person that has been sacrificed o Shedding of the victims
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