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Nirmal Dass

Week 9 Lecture 1 – November 6 2012 Makeup test *** not incorporate new questions Greek Art and Architecture - Art is not entertainment, not done to change our mind or to motivate people - Humanism o Can be expressed by a saying by Protagoras “Man is the measure of all things”  Summarizes humanism, always explain reality by the point of human beings, never by something else ie. The divine  The world is useless without human beings o Stresses individuality and individual freedom, always placed within the context of the community, freedom is connected with responsibility, actions are never simply for ourselves - Rationality o Depends upon use of reason  Cause and effect “scientific principle” o Temples are never large enough to make human feel small  Housing for people not the Gods - Idealism o Foundational concept of Greek art  Encourages us to look at ourselves o Represents, not nature as it is, but nature as it is imagined  Portraying something in its ideal version  Seeks for the essence of things o Human beings are always shown in full perfection  Not to be s
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