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Nirmal Dass

Week 9 Lecture 2 – November 8 2012 Orders of Architecture - Architecture o Doric  Parthenon and Hephaistos Temple  Columns meant to hold up the arch, square tops o Corinthian  Set up colonies in Italy  Top of columns have acanthus leaves  Used a lot for support of roof because of how heavy it was  Column  Flat tops, ornate columns, western portions o Ionic  Velutes (spirals)  Western, present day Turkey  This part of Ancient Greece referred to as Ionia  Ionic column  Flat top, spiral, also painted o Urban  Theatre – architecture is based on voice, so that everyone can hear if the person is speaking in a normal voice, building made like a cone so when someone speaks at the bottom (sound raises like heat) everything can be heard - Statues (480-404BC) o Statues are made to create serenity, change has to happen within us, once that happens we can change those around us i.e. the community o Artemision Zeus  First carved out of wax, then clay was put over the wax, gets baked, wax melts and clay hardens, makes mold, ___ gets poured in  Greeks began to pay attention to human anatomy  Egyptian sculptures do not portray human anatomy  Eye sockets are empty, usually filled with glass paste, did have understanding of optics, did have glasses for reading etc. This is an example of technology o Apollo Belvedere  Heavy muscles are not portrayed, cloth draped over his arm, carved out from marble  Supposed to make you serene o Auriga Delfi
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