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Wilfrid Laurier University
Nirmal Dass

Week 10 Lecture 1 – November 13 , 2012 500BC-200BC - Pre-Socratics (500BC) o Came before Socrates o First sceintists o Group of thinkers , discovered the mind o Greeks have broken away from Gods, explanation centered from the Gods, now need to explain reality o All have the same approach, problem that needs to be solved  How is it that you have a diversity of life? Why are there so many things in the world?  The problem of the one and the many  Beginning of scientific thinking, cause and effect o Reality principled around laws, natural laws o Greek law, look at reality, urge to organize into method, principles, categories o Rhetoric way of teaching, if you defeat all arguments that come your way, seen as an idol, rewarded with wealth, strategy to make lots of money - Thales 500BC-490BC o First one to suggest that everything emerges from water  It can rapidly change its form, acquire different properties (solid/rocks mountains, vapour/air, liquid/blood)  First explanation without the use of Gods  Use of reason, discovery of the mind - Pythagoras o First one to turn to cosmos, strictly governed by mathematics  As planets turn they produce music, harmony o Should not look to natural things as causing other natural things o Conclusion that the cause of everything is number o Things are made up of different things and equations o Numbers are a sense of proportion  Numbers always lead to infinity, infinitive causes and effects o Speculative thinking and thought  Pure thought, explain abstract concep
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