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Lecture 3

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Alexis Young

Greek World Lecture 3 Sub-Mycenaean Period  c. 1150/1100-1050 BCE  inferior pottery  skills were lost Migrations  from Pylos to Athens to the Coast of central Asia Minor or Ionia  Dorians from the Peloponnese to s.w. Asia Minor  Northern Greeks to the n. Coast of Asia Minor The Iron Age  ca. 950 BCE on mainland Greece  iron tools and weapons  sign of recovery  Lefkandi, Euboea Lefkandi  Largest Dark Age building  Warrior burial o Man – cremated; iron swords o Women – inhumation; gold jewellery o Horses – rare; sign of prestige and status  Very rich burial  Trade with Cyprus Nichoria, Peloponnese th  Chieftain’s house, 19 century BCE  Shows trading is still active  No more kings just chief’s for 20 houses Protogeometric Period  c. 1050-900 BCE  dating based on advances in pottery  pottery is the solo evidence of artistic change and development in the Dark Ages  much of the pottery found in Kerameikos century, Athens Protogeometric Pottery  belly amphora c. 1025  faster potter’s wheel  use of multiple brushes  compass for straight lines  changes in burial practice o inhumation o males: neck-handled amphoras o females: belly-handled amphoras  no human images  just one fragment with stylized horse Geometric Period  early GP c. 900-850 BCE  middle GP c. 850-750 BCE  late GP c. 750-700 BCE  meander = most characteristic motif Dipylon Vase (pg.64-65) (MIDTERM)  late Geometric Period  reappearance of human figures and group scenes for the first time in 400  belly handled amphora by the Dipylon master  used as grave marker  scenes of mourning – the prosthesis = lying in state of the corpse Large Krater c. 750 BCE  used for mixing water and wine  ekphora – procession of charioteers taking body of male to the cemetery th 8 Century BCE
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