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Lecture 11

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Alexis Young

Greek World Lecture 11 Oedipus Rex  Each act/episode brings a new helper o Oedipus himself o Creaon (brother in law) o Tiresias o Jocasta (wife/mother) o Messenger o Herdsman  Each brings a new clue until the secret is revealed  Apollo sends plagues  Concept of fate vs free will  Major theme of historia = inquiry o Into past of Oedipus by Oedipus himself  Irony – lines filled with double meaning  Images of sight/blindness and light/darkness  Mother/wife hangs herself, Oedipus blinds himself with clothing pins  Ends up cursing himself The Sophists  Sophists – “wise man” (sophos = wife)  Rhetoric – “the art of persuasive speaking based on argument”  Charged a lot to teach children  Each one has a specialty  Protagoras (490-420 BCE) o Agnostic position concerning the gods o Denied there was an absolute standard of truth o “man is the measure of all things”  Forced people to o Consider more than one point of view o Use reason and logic o To search for answers to how and why o Educated people Athens and Sparta  Worlds in collision  Aristicles: organizers of the Delos League (treasury on Delos)  1 assessment of tribute from allies: 460 talents (1 fed 600 men for a day); other allies contributed ships, eg. Samos and Lesbos  Cimon o first successful general of the league o son of Miltiades (battle of Marathon 490) o pro-Spartan  464 BCE: earthquake and helot revolt in Sparta Athenian Imperialism  Rise of Pericles and Athenian imperialism  454 BCE: treasury of the Delian League transferred to Athens  1/60 of treasury used for rebuilding the Acropolis  Forced use of Athenian coinage by allies  Cleruchies: military colonies of Athenian citizens  Radical democracy: pay for jurors  451 BCE: citizenship law of Pericles o Citizen only if both parents are the citizens  Elected every year Peloponnesian War  431-404 BCE  Thucydides: History of the Peloponnesian War  Sparta and Pelop: League: superior on land  Athens: superior on the sea  Funeral Oration of Pericles  Athens did fight on land o Allow Spartans to destroy land/crops o Attacked surrounding towns  430 BCE: Lesbos revolts o Mytilene; demagogue Cleon (all adult male should be killed and all women/children should be slaves, order was taken back in time and revolt leaders were killed)
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