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Nirmal Dass

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CL 390- Magic and Science Magic Music- Romans didn’t write any of it down  It may have an emotional response within people, humans have a relationship with it  Influence- magic tells us that influence comes in two forms, fear and desire  Talking about the influence that music has  We listen to the music because of the effect it has  Propaganda- influence  Nothing influences the humans more then fear and desire  Everything we do have a process of desire Desire  Broken down into two categories- erotic (looking at things and humans with longing/possession), the desire to possess  Change- ability (the beginning of magic), we can influence another person  Transcendence- creates ideas that we understand something outside of our selves  Technology- we can influence anything and anyone  Magical behavior, seeks to acquire and refine the ability to influence others  Influencing others has an ancient history- especially the Greeks, along with rhetoric Fear  Duality- human begins must choose  Fear involves choice, entering into a relationship with fear, our influence will fall outside of ourselves  Choice leads to magic  Humanity is always in the search of how to be influential  Our entire lives are magical, and we spend our lives being influential on other people, a system of thought, magic possess thought, how we slowly ring about change, logic is one step after other that will lead to influence and answer  Magic under
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