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Nirmal Dass

CL 390- Lecture 2 How magic gets associated with music What does this piece of music mean? Pleasure?  Process of influence  Evokes certain memories and experiences  Susanna Can Soldt- 1590  Philosophy has a certain stance- how music becomes magic and influence  Notice how difficult this process is, to speak about it and learn about it  Music is a mystery- the beginning of what music is  Always a contradiction in what people think and feel with music  It is a very personal choice- it exists on a different plain  Music has a deep mystery to it, and we don’t know how to explain it  This problem is the beginning of philosophy within music  Mystery means things that cannot be brought into words and lives outside words Music  Greek mousike which means the art of the muses- places it within the realm of the gods, which is outside the human plain  Euterpe- music/flute/lyre  Terpsichore- dance  Why is there an abandonment of humans and leadin
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