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Lecture 3

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Nirmal Dass

CL 390- Lecture 3 Music and Magic in Mesopotamia History  First writing, music written down and civ.  City-states that arises between the Euphrates and the Tiberius  4000 BCE, first signs of culture/civilization  Fertile crescent- grain  Uruk- first city arises- 3600/3500 BCE  Script- cuneiform- Sumerians (isolate)- language not related to anything, it is by itself  Tends to dominate- their language, last record of Sumerian writing is 100 AD  Influences all other ancient languages  2800 BCE- Akkad they gain power through controlling power- language- Akkadian (bilingual)- early Semitic language  There are two versions  Lasts until about 1400 to 1200 BCE- Hurrian (people and language)- same word, they wrote Hurrian and Sumerian- they have the ability to adopt  1200 Babylonians  800- Assyrians  340- Greeks Magic and Music  It is a form of prayer  To bring about influence  Black vs. White magic- that concept of separating and splitting magic is not invented yet  Evil vs. Good- these categories don’t exist yet  The notion of transcendence  Gods- A moral in character- pre existing reality, they are a product of this reality like humans, therefore neither can change the larger reality  This creation did not make moral order  Gift giving- can cause problems  Magi
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