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Lecture 6

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Nirmal Dass

CL 390F- Lecture 6  Incantation- placing a spell through singing  If magic is just something made up, why do humans keep practicing it?  Words in themselves are magical, which helps us understand why people keep doing it, even though it doesn’t work  Why do words hurt more then actions?  Only have the texts, don’t have an explanation as to how they were delivered or how the were supposed to sound  Words-music-then results  Why bother writing it down?  These kinds of insights helps us understand their mentality  In- in cant- song, Latin  Galdor- original old English word  Process in place to get the wart there, but a process to remove them- incantation, is there a way to undo what they have done?  Blood Charm- sing and it would stop bleeding  Incantations should not be herd by anyone who does not believe  Secret aspect to it, should not be common currency  Should not be repeated often, the power of it decreases  Container- that which contains of the power, singing releases the power, music is the container, the magic is in the words  Magic cannot work  Secret and faith  Faith- believing that this person has the ability to heal and understand this idea  People who do not hav
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