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Nirmal Dass

th CL 390 F- Nov. 5 Music and Magic in the Greek World  Duality between rationality (thinking, assurance/calmness, serenity, human) and irrationality (emotions, chaotic/disruptive, animals)  There is something in the human makeup that makes us emotional and thinking creatures  Agon- contest between the two- are we going to me emotional or logical, the struggle  It is often expressed and understood in magic  Greek theatre has a lot of these dualities in them  The struggle is about control  Rationality- control, Irrationality- out of control  Magic exists in this duality  Magic is consider irrational in Greek world, countered by reason  Dionysus/Bacchus  In many stories involving Dionysus- irrational character, instructing us how they understand magic  How reason and control does not really work  There is a problem trying to understand this  Both magic and Dionysus are always placed outside of civilization  Magic is always associated to barbarians  Placing outside of civilization, immediately creates a problem with magic, it becomes something that is excluded from society  It becomes something that cannot be part of the human life, this is why we do not believe, a very Greek point of view that we use  Create two structures- official Greek society and the unofficial, is where magic exists  Religion is not fully understood today, is the aspect of Dionysus  Satyr Plays- strip shows, sexual activities would take place on the stage, women, government paid for it  Why is this occurring in theatre that they are heading towards irrationality?  Dionysus- god of theatre, god of the satyr plays, this is where he was truly represented  They are presenting a world view that understands that to exist has a human being, the way we think and the way we become out of the control, if pushed, what takes us from rational to irrational  Greek culture is considered with the irrational, where humanity itself it lost, and the animal is us is released, this is the first time these thoughts have been expressed  Dionysus is the god of the animal within us  Magic is an urge  Urge- Greek for “having power of something”  To allows that urge to come forward  Large part of Greek life dealt with magic  Overriding need to do magic in the Greek world is not fully explained  Practical Aspects of Magic- involved spells, which involved getting control over someone (love charms), sexual possession of others  Magic has been delegated to the exotic, longing to possess someone or something  Need to understand magic this way helps us to understand th
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