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Nirmal Dass

th CL 390 F- Nov. 14  Elevsinian Mysteries- 1400 BCE is when they originate (from what we think)  Mystery religions comes from beliefs and stuff that does not exist in our realm  What has survived is minimal  These conclusion will help us understand the magic in the ancient world  Refers to a city where the ritual is held- probably in August/September, late summer, it was festival that took 9 days to complete this religious involvement  Concern of bring about change  This religion dealt with the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone  Focuses on their relationship, some conclusion of symbolism  Not clear what happened in the room where people gathered  Two important terms/processes:  Metanoia- a change of view point and mind, dromena leads to metanoia, this is about the individual, the hope is that they will never again be part of the world, or will they ever want to be, through this process they have been removed from the world, placed in a sacred world  Dromena- religious rituals- offerings, prayers, etc. purpose: to engage the individual in such a way that the person enters into a realm where the body is not a factor, 9 days where the outside world did not exist, anything with the world was left outside, human beings need to go through this to get them to stay on track and purge themselves, fasted and stayed awake, and repeated specific words, we do not have any of the words saved, it is conditioning you to act a certain way- on the 9 day you are brought into the purification ceremony, needed to be a full moon so you could see the milky way, you know you are at the end of the tunnel- there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it is a door that is held open, after you enter into the room, we do not know what occurs, when people enter the room they have a vision of the gods, but we do not know that means, in this room was a vision of the divine  Kykeon- sacred drink, might have had something to do with wine, drank this then went on a march, no one spoke, went down a narrow path in complete darkness  What is being show is the guidelines for faith, there is nothing but faith to keep you going, you don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of it, when you see the light the fear goes away  Involve yourself in dromena to get to metanoia  Notion of this grea
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