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Nirmal Dass

th CL 390F- Nov. 12 Greek Magic becomes involved with Greek Music  Through-composed- each line of the lyric has a different melody  Complexity is tied up in the Greek notion of understanding of what music does  Strophes- question and answer  Music was a process of understand physical reality  Music has qualities that deeply understand the soul  Music is the language of the soul  Music has the ability to make us change for the better  Music was the very first thing, it was the engagement of important things and living, we can correct ourselves, get ourselves back on the correct path  We move into a particular realm, which is very Greek, fundamental qualities, cause and effect  Cause and effect is now being given magical qualities, which is moral change  Greek life was fundamental existed in two ways- the way we study, and the other life we do not study but they were engaged in at all times  There is an official music and then there is an unofficial  Two realms- public and private- private is where is see music and magic  Paean- sung with a lyre, its job in the private realm is to heal whatever is ailing us  Paean only work at certain times of the day  Analgesic- music has the ability to take away pain  Greek understood the body has composed by 4 humors  Humors- liquid/fluids in the body, increased or decreased in the body, you can have more of one or the other, you can give yourself good health  Bile- related to the health that comes from the humors  By doing this, we are mixing science and magic  Music enters the body through the ear- how does it make the bile down, how does work as medicine but it doesn’t go into your body  These categories are musical modes- there are seven of them- each of them were seen as having a direct influence on their lives  If you were sick you would play a certain mode to heal  Categorizing music- as a pharmacy- which you draw upon, helps us understand what they were doing with music  Greek world for enchanted means “to pipe” (like the double flute)  Greek magic cannot happen at all without music, they are so intimately connected you cannot separate the two  This fundamental link is something very important for people to understand  Modes:  1- Ionian Mode/Measure- was used to calm people down, psychology a
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