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Nirmal Dass

th CL 390F- Nov. 26 Roman Music  We know nothing of Roman music  They didn’t leave a record of it  We have depictions of the musical instruments played  Stoicism- the basic of Roman thinking  These two philosophys  Epicureanism and Stoicism- Romanitas/Romanity  Music is part of this structure  Stoicism- reason has to dominate and emotions should not factor in when making decisions- thinking and reason, the golden mean- stay in the middle course, don’t get to happy or to sad  Epicureanism- understands happiness is the general attitude we should have towards life, an extension of Stoicism but says get involved in one emotion, that bring happiness  Some of the writings tell us the main point of music is to still (calm) the soul  There might be to much happiness or to much sadness  Lead us back to the middle path  Stay in the center  Music is a corrective methodology within Stoicism  Music is the method to contain control  Epicureanism- we listen to music to understand how we are supposed to be
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