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Lecture 10

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Patrick Mc Graw

Astronomy Lecture 10 Light: Wave or particle - They couldn’t get into the particle framework - Is light a wave or a particle?- Light is a wavicle - How light behaves depends on how you treat it; it is both wave-like and particle- like - Light carries energy - Does it carry it as a wave? Or a particle? What are waves? - Waves are any repeating motion that can every without carrying matter along with it - Wavelength- distance between the peaks (e.g. 10cm), distance from one peak to another - Frequency- the number of peaks that pass by a fixed location in each second ( e.g. 1 cycle/second or 1 Hz) - Speed of the waves: frequency x wavelength (e.g. 10cm/s) Light is a wave - They travel through empty space - Sound waves need air - If you scream in space, no one will hear you, because you need air - Light is aka electromagnetic radiation - Radiation is anything that spreads outward from a source - Light is produced by changing electromagnetic fields and interacts with matter through electromagnetism Light as a particle - Photon- quantum (smallest portion of energy for a given frequency) of electromagnetic energy - Energy decreases as wavelength increases - A shorter wavelength means more energy light Electormagnetic spectrum - A prism can spread out white light into a spectrum, we can only perceive the visible light - We cannot see all types of electromagnetic radiation - We can use electornic detectors to detect of image other types of EM radiation Clicker question - Compared to visible light photons:
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