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Lecture 7

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Patrick Mc Graw

Astronomy Lecture 7 Scientific method - It’s a way we think about the physical world - Hypothesis comes up with already what we know - Implications means what can the hypothesis predict in the near future - The final step is that to test the idea - And then come back to observations and then circle the method - Once we are done with all of this, we come to a final conclusion called Theory - In science a theory means something that has been tested and has been proved - The more we do this cycle the more confidence we get in the hypothesis and in our theory - What is the scientific method? o Creation and testing of theory o A series of steps and an approach to research question o A means to test the implications of a hypotheses through an observation to develop a new theory o A systematic way of removing anomalies to come to a verifiable final conclusion Ancient Astronomy - They were careful observation in the sky - Some of the stars revolve around us - And around the year some special stars are visible - Sirius is the brightest sky - Rises at dawn in Egypt in early/mid July - In the constellation in the camas major, in the dog shaped constellation - Sometimes also known as the Dog Star - Dog days of the summer is when the dog star rises Classical Greek Civiliza
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