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Lecture 12

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Patrick Mc Graw

Astronomy Lecture 11 Why do we bother with telescopes? - What things did Galileo observe when he pointed his telescope upwards - Venus rotates just the moon, and that Venus is the brightest planet. What make a good telescope? - Magnification - Size of optical components - An astronomer with 20/20 vision - Location Refraction: the bending of light - Refraction is the behind of a ray of light when it passes through into a new medium - Light can change direction when interacting with matter - Prism- white light comes in and it spreads out, light is bending. Short wavelength light bends more than the long wavelength - Observation of prisms show refraction depends on the wavelength of light; shorter wavelengths bend more Reflecting - Newton’s idea - A ray of light will reflect from a smooth surface at the same angle that it is incident with - Special property: for parabolic mirrors, rays of light that are parallel converge at the same point Refracting Telescope - A primary or objective lens bends light and brings it to a focu
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