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Lecture 20

AS101 Lecture 20

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Patrick Mc Graw

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Lecture 20 4102013 10800 PM On beyond NeptuneReview Jovian Planets and their moonsAll of the Jovian planets have many satellites as well as ringsEach planet with its moons and rings forms a whole interacting systemMoons perturb each others orbits gravitationallyThey are heated internally through tidal forces from the main planetMatter is exchanged for example theres evidence that material ejected from Ios volcanoes ends up on EuropaAlthough none are much bigger than Mercury some of the Jovian moons are active interesting worldsInternal heating by tidal stresses leads to geological activity volcanoes geysers moving plates etcLow surface temperature allows Titan to have an atmosphereIo Jupiter Closest of the four large Gallilean moonsActive volcanoesEuropa JupiterCracked icy surface probably covers ocean of liquid waterTitan SaturnThick hazy atmosphere of mostly nitrogenLakes and rivers of liquid methaneethaneComplex organic moleculesBeyond Neptune The Kuiper BeltLike the asteroid belt consists of a large number of small objectsBetween approx 30 and 50 au from sunIncludes some dwarf planets like Pluto comets etcFirst Kuiper Belt Objects KBOs discovered 1992Differences from asteroid beltLarger farther outMore icy in composition whereas asteroid belt is more rockyClassical Kuiper Belt contains the greatest concentration of stuff Inner and outer boundaries of classical Kuiper belt are marked by orbits in 32 and 21 resonance with Neptunes meaning orbital periods between 15 and 2 times Neptunes periodA less dense zone farther out is called the scattered discnot always thought of as part of the Kuiper Belt
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