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Wilfrid Laurier University
Shohini Ghose

November 8, 2011 The Sun:  Radius: 108x radius of Earth  Mass: 333, 000 x mass of Earth  Over 99.9% of solar system’s mass  Surface temperature 5800 K  Composition: 98% hydrogen and helium, 2 other elements  In 1 second the Sun produces a million the total energy used in the US in ne year Mercury:  0.4 AU from sun  0.38 x radius of Earth  0.055 x mass of Earth  Made of metal and rock; large iron core, no atmosphere  Desolate, cratered  Very hot and cold 425 C (day), -170 C (night)  Rotates 3 times in every 2 orbits around the sun Venus:  0.7 AU from sun  0.95 x radius of Earth  0.82 x mass of Earth  Extreme greenhouse effect: Hotter than Mercury: 470 C, day and night  Atmospheric pressure like 1km underwater  No oxygen or water  Rains sulfuric acid Earth:  Oasis of life  The only surface liquid water in the solar system  A surprisingly large moon Mars:  1.5 AU from sun  0.53 x radius of Earth  0.11 x mass of Earth  Looks almost Earth-like  Giant volcanoes, a huge canyon, polar caps…etc.  Water flowed in the distant past, could have been life? Jupiter:  5.2 AU from sun  11.2 x radius of Earth  318 x mass of Earth  Much farther from Sun than inner planets  Most H/He; no solid surface (all gas)  300 times more massive than Earth  Many moons o Io: Active volcanoes al over o Europa: possible subsurface ocean o Ganymede: Largest moon in solar system o Calisto: a large, cratered “ice ball”  Jupiter has rings Saturn:  9.5 AU from sun  9.4 x radius of Earth  95.2 x mass of Earth  Giant and gaseous like Jupiter  Spectacular rings made of ices and rocks  Many moons, including cloudy Titan  Cassini spacecraft currently studying it Uranus:  19.2 AU from Sun  4 x radius of Earth  14.5 x mass of Earth  Smaller than Jupiter, Saturn; much larger than Earth  Made of H/H
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