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Chapter 13 Textbook Definitions

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Shohini Ghose

Chapter 13: Comparative Planetology of the Terrestrial Planets Comparative Planetology – understanding planets by searching for and analyzing contrasts and similarities among them Mantle – the layer of dense rock and metal oxides that lies between the molten core and Earth’s surface or a similar layer in another planet P Wave – a type of seismic wave involving compression and decompression of the material through which is passes S Wave – a type of seismic wave involving lateral motion of the material through which it passes Primary Atmosphere – a planet’s first atmosphere Secondary Atmosphere – a planet’s atmosphere that replaces the primary atmosphere, for example by outgassing, impact of volatile-bearing planetesimals, or biological activity Greenhouse Effect – the process by which a carbon dioxide atmosphere traps heat and raises the temperature of a planetary surface Global Warming – the gradual increase in the surface temperature of Earth caused by human modifications to Earth’s atmosphere Subduction Zone – a deep trench where one plate slides under another Rift Valley – forms where continental plates begin to pull apart Maria (Mare) – one of the lunar lowlands filled by successive flows of dark lava Albedo – the ratio of the amount of light reflected from an object to the amount of light received by the object; equals 0 for perfectly black and 1 fo
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