BI111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 47: Gynoecium, Photoperiodism, Cytokinin

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9 Dec 2014
BI 111 Finial SI Review Session
Pleiotropic: influences multiple phenotypic traits.
Incomplete/partial dominance: a cat that is heterozygotic for the piebald
spotting gene, and a red and white snapdragon producing pink offspring.
Dosage compensation: ensures male/females with have equal amounts of…??
When does balanced polymorphism arise: when heterozygote individuals have
increased fitness.
What does systematics study: the evolutionary history, identification and
naming of organisms.
What taxon comprises related species: genus.
Which is true: root hairs form the zone of maturation
What causes stretching of hydrogen bonds in xylem sap resulting from
transpiration: tension.
When guard cells have a high water potential= stomata will be closed.
What will cause stomata to close: ABA production in roots.
Low CO2 in leaf air spaces, sunlight and moist soil will cause stomata to open.
Growing pollen tube: stigma style- micropyle.
All angiosperms: double internal fertilization.
Carpels: consist of highly modified microsporangia.
Double fertilization: one embryo involving one sperm cell and of endosperm
involving a second sperm cell.
Two sperm nuclei and the pollen tube must pass through the micropyle for
successful fertilization to occur in angiosperms.
Ovary=pulp of fleshy fruit.
True for epigeal germination: majority of growth happens in radical/root system,
cotyledons help plant with initial growth by acting photosynthetic, cotyledons fall
off once true leaves form.
Auxins: known to affect all: prevents abscission zones, phototropism of shoots,
inhibition of lateral buds, fruit development, but DOESN’T effect maintenance of
ABA does not promote growth.
Which is not a direct function of either auxin or gibberellin? Inducing
senescence and ripening.
Ripening of fruit/dropping of leaves controlled by: ethylene.
Plant seedling bends towards sunlight because: auxin is found in greatest
abundance on the dark side of the stem.
Hormones used to enhance stem elongation and fruit growth? Auxins and
Hormone coordinates growth of roots and shoots in concert with the auxins?
Cytokinin slide with the peatree dishes.
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