BI111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Panmixia, Mathematical Model, Genotype Frequency

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4 Feb 2016
BI111-Lecture 4- Heritable Variation in Population:
Frequency of BB/bb:
F(b) = #b alleles/# total alleles
F(B) = #B alleles/ # total alleles
#allels= 2(45+23+54) = 2(122)
f(b)= ____/244
f(b)= 45x2+ 23/ 244
f(b)= 113/244
f(b) = 0.463
46% of cards = b
f(B)= ___/244
f(B) = 54x2 + 23/ 244
f(B)= 0.537
54% of cards = B
Hard Weinberg Principle:
Mathematical model that predicts genotype frequencies, used as a
oAll models have assumptions:
Random mating
Large Population Size
No Migration/emigration
No Selection
How We Can Tell a Population is Evolving:
Need to know frequency of each allele
F(b)= p=0.463
F(B)= q=0.537
F(bb)= pxp
= 0.214
F(BB)= qxq
= (0.537)2
F(Bb)= (pxq) (pxq)
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