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Lecture 1

BI110 Lecture 1: Biology Midterm

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Matthew Smith

Biology Midterm Lecture One: Bacteria = single cell organisms Eukarya = multicellular organisms Archaea = single cell organisms (similar to Bacteria but more closely related to Eukarya) All living organisms share these characteristics (Unity): 1. Have one or more cells 2. Require energy 3. Metabolize 4. Grow 5. Respond to a stimuli 6. Adapt 7. Reproduce Aristotle: - created a “Ladder of Life” which he placed animals according to their function and complexity (humans at the top) - he assumed species could never change - he introduced binomial nomenclature = formal system of naming organisms according to 2 categories Linnaeus: - Created new system that classified organisms based on their shape, structure, color, pattern, bones, etc. - Created genus/ species Lecture 2: 3 things that can happen when light encounters matter: 1. The light can be reflected 2. The light can be transmitted 3. The light can be absorbed (so that light can be used) Rhodopsin: Most common photoreceptor in nature; it is a highly conserved photoreceptor (a conserved photoreceptor means Lecture 3: Water is a polar covalent molecule Lecture 4: Cell Theory 1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells 2. Cells are the basic structural and functional unit of life 3. Cells come from other pre-existing cells Lecture 5: Peroxisomes - Organelles that originate from the ER, but are NOT part of the endomembran
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