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Interaction b/w Light and Matter:  Shorter wavelength = higher energy and vice versa  The sun is the reason for life on earth What is light?  Electromagnetic radiation that humans detect w/ eyes  Wave of discrete particles are photons  Wavelength is distance b/w two successive peaks  Light energy must be absorbed by molecules (pigments) in order to be used  Pigment molecules absorb wavelengths of light (know similarities)  Conjugated system: o Alternating singl-/double bonds o Delocalization of e (at atomic level, electrons are absorbing the light; by being delocalized, electrons are more able to absorb light) o o Some are able to absorb multiple wavelengths o When chlorophyll molecule isn't exposed to light, it is at its ground state o When introduced to light, it gets promoted to a higher level of energy o o The amount of energy in red wavelength of light, matches the difference from ground state to first level of energy o Amount of energy in blue wavelength of light, matches the difference from ground state to second level of energy  Essentially, the amount of energy in a wavelength of light matches the difference from the ground state (0) to its excited state o Blue light is a shorter wavelength with higher energy levels o Red has a longer wavelength than blue o Electrons in the first stage of excitation will not absorb blue light due to imbalance in energy  After being promoted to the first stage of excitation, the electron falls back down
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