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Lecture 6

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Matthew Smith

 Seven characteristics of life o They are emergent o Require the cooperation of a combination of factors in order for the properties to become apparent or non-dormant  Is a Virus Alive? o Virus --> has a protein shell and some sort of nucleic acid within o Bacteriophage --> attack bacterium… durr… o Have some properties of life:  Display order  They reproduce  They evolve o Cannot produce their own proteins (use other cells to produce proteins once they've invaded a cell) o Cannot use homeostatic functions o Viruses do not fall into our definition of "life" since they do not meet all 7 "requirements" of life  The Evolution of Major Forms of Life o o Earth is thought to be 4.6 Billion Years Old o o Early Earth was incredibly hot  Took an estimated 500 million years too cool down enough to potentially be able to support life  The atmosphere contained no oxygen  Reducing atmosphere  Oxygen atoms existed in water; oxygen gas was not abundant in the atmosphere  Primitive (early) earth w/o various biological molecules (i.e. macromolecules)  Macromolecules o Fundamental building blocks of life  Nucleic acids (DNA & RNA)  Carbohydrates  Lipids
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