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Lecture 9

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Matthew Smith

Clicker question answers:  Anaerobic heterotrophic organisms --> thought to be first organisms to have evolved on primitive earth  O2in atmosphere comes from a type of photosynthesis that oxidizes water  Solar-Powered Sea Slug o Heterotrophic organism acquires ability to be autotrophic CHAPTER 4: ENERGY AND ENZYMES  Why it Matters o Life requires relatively cold temp. (below 100 C)  Reactions occur quicker at these temp. o Enzymes speed up rates of chemical reactions  Life would not exist w/o enzymes since it would take a very long time in the temp. required for life to be sustained  Phosphatase enzymes remove phosphate groups from proteins in 10 ms  Uncatalyzed reaction would take 1 trillion years  Energy o Capacity to do work  Kinetic energy --> energy of motion  Potential energy --> stored energy o Energy can be converted from one form to another  Thermodynamics o Study of energy and its transformations  Closed system --> exchanges energy but not matter w/ surroundings  Ex. Greenhouse  Open system --> exchanges energy and matter w/ surroundings  Ex. Ocean  Isolated system --> doesn’t exchange energy or matter w/ surroundings  Ex. Perfectly, sealed thermos   Energy Transformations o  Laws of Thermodynamics o 1st Law  Energy cannot be created or destroyed (Conservation of Energy)
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