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Wilfrid Laurier University
Matthew Smith

rd 23 October, 2013 Transmembrane proteins - nonpolar AAs are hydrophobic - Tend to be TM motion. - 17-20 amino acids to make transmembrane chain – coz of the length of the fatty acid. Peripheral membrane protein (not really IMP) - On surface of membrane - Do not interact with hydrophobic core. Hydrophilic proteins. - Made up of mixture of polar and non-polar amino acids. – Coz doesn’t have exclusively polar amino acids. Non-polar will scattered throughout the proteins. There are hydrophobic interactions between hydrophobic amino acids. - Most of these are on cytoplasmic side of a membrane. – Coz they would be cytosolic ribosomes. Passive Transport: - Hydrophobic nature of a cell membrane restricts free movements of many molecules and substances which are essential for life - Movement of a substance across a membrane without need to expand energy such as ATP. - Driven by diffusion. - Diffusion: net movement of a substance from a region of higher to lower concentration. - Primary mechanism of solute movement within the cell and b/w celluer compartments separated by a membrane. - Rate of diffusion depends of the concentration gradient. - Higher the concentration faster the reaction- bigger the gradient, faster the diffusion rate. - Form of potential energy. - Driving force is an increase in entropy. SIMPLE DIFFUSION : - Passive transport of substances across lipid portion of membranes with their concentration gradients - Small and unchar
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