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th 25 October, 2013 Clicker question C, B Facilitated water diffusion by Aquaporin: - They are the channel protein that allows the diffusion of water across the membrane. - Concentration gradient drives it. Tonicity: - Water moves away from- hypotonic (lower concentration of solute) - Water moves towards – hypertonic ( higher concentration of solute) - Isotonic: no concentration. Net movement of water. Tonicity and Osmotic water Movement: - Hypotonic condition- lower concentration , moves to hypertonic- bag starts to swell - Hypotonic condition –higher concentration, start losing the water, bag starts to shrink - Isotonic condition- no concentration, bag is normal. - (^^^) Another EX. Blood cell. Active membrane transport - ATP is needed in order to achieve the transport. - Needs energy to move substance against their concentration gradient. - Depends on membrane transport proteins • Specific • Can be saturated • (^^) Ex. Enzymes 2 kinds of Active Transport: Primary active transport - direct use of ATP - Moves positively charged ions across membranes + - Ex. Proton pumps. H • Cells out of the cells • Cells lining stomach - Ca2+ pump • Maintain low intracellular Ca2+ concentration - Na+/ K+ pump •
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