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Biology October 21, 2013 Phospholipids are Amphipathic - Polar head o Hydrophilic - 2 non-polar hydrocarbon tails o Hydrophobic - They have a phosphate group and glycerol backbone - Fatty acid chains (tails) saturated have no double bonds and unsaturated have one or more double bonds - Shorter fatty acids, the membrane won’t be as wide - A membrane can have different variations of lengths of fatty acid but generally the phospholipids itself has two tails that have the same amount of carbons 3 different formation - Micelles - Liposome - Phospholipids bilayer Membrane fluidity - Fluidity of lipid bilayer dependent on how densely individual phospholipids molecules can pack together - Influenced by two major factors: o Composition of lipid molecules  Degrees of unsaturation of fatty acid tails  Sterols o Temperature - If membrane is to ridged or viscous than phospholipids loses its function Effect of unsaturated fatty acids on packing of membrane lipids - Phospholipids composed of saturated fatty acids o Each carbon is bound to max number of hydrogens (all single bonds between C’s) o Straight shape o Tighter packing - Phospholipids composed of unsaturated fatty acids o Double-bonds between carbons introduce kinks o Less dense packing - Degree of unsaturation affects fluidity o Viscous (saturated hydrocarbon tails) o Fluid (unsaturated hydrocarbon tails with kinks) Temperature - If temper
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