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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Louise Dawe

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Role of Membranes in Cell Signaling - Molecular signals received by cells that have receptors turned to specific signals - When signal molecule binds receptor  cellular response: o Changes in gene expression  protein synthesis o Transport of molecules across PM o Metabolic reactions o Secretion o Movements o Cell division o Apoptosis  (programmed cell death) Cell Communication Cells communicate with one another through: - Direct channels of communication o Gap junctions (animal cells)  spread of electrical signals between cells in cardiac muscle o Plasmodesmata (plant cells) - Specific contact between cells o Cell adhesion molecules – integral membrane proteins that bind clls to one another or to extracellular matrix - Intercellular chemical messengers - Not every cell in organism is able to respond to every single signal that it could encounter - Different cells are able to respond to different signals, depend on what the receptors that are being produced Examples of stimulation of glycogen breakdown in liver cells by epinephrine - Sutherland (Nobel P
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