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Lecture 22

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Louise Dawe

Biology November 13, 2013 Photoautotrophs: Primary Producers of the Earth Photosynthetic organisms: - Convert sunlight energy into chemical energy - Use energy to assemble complex organic molecules from inorganic raw materials - The organic molecules are then used as energy sources (but also used as energy source by other organisms) The Two Parts of Photosynthesis Overall balanced equation: 6CO + 22H O  2 H O +66H12 6 2 Plastids are present in all plant cells - Chloroplasts: are the green organelles found only inside plant cells that provide that color and enable it to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis - Chromoplasts: are plastids, heterogeneous organelles responsible for pigment synthesis and storage in specific photosynthetic eukaryotes. - Amyloplasts: are non-pigmented organelles found in some plant cells. They are responsible for the synthesis and storage of start granules, through the polymerization of glucose. They also convert this starch back into sugar when the plant needs energy. Plastid types are interconvertible Plasticity of Plastids - The name plastid is from the Greek plastikos: “molded” o Variable in size, shape, content and function - As an example of the plasticity of their shape chloroplasts send out tubular extensions called stromules, that serve to increase the surface area and connect plastids together cpDNA - Chloroplast genome contains ~120 genes o Encodes proteins involved in pho
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