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Chapter28PlantBody02272012Overview of the Plant BodyAlmost all plants are photosynthetic autotrophsShoot system above groundPhotosynthetic leaves stemsRoots system below groundNonphotosynthetic rootsPlant bodies are dendritic spreading and branched in formShoot system FunctionsStems leaves buds flowersHighly adaptive for photosynthesis and positions flowers for pollinationVegetative nonreproductive shootStem with attached leaves and budsBuds give rise to extension of shoot or new branching shootReproductive shotProduces flowers which later develop fruits containing seeds Root system FunctionsUsually grows below groundAnchors plant and support upright partsAbsorbs water and dissolved minerals from soilStores carbohydrates Vascular Plant Body3 Tissue Systems groumd vascular and dermalorgantissue system body structure that contains two or more types of tissues and have a definite form and functionTissue group of one or more types of cells and intercellular substances that function together in one or more specialized tasksPlant Cell General PropertiesPrimary cell wall surrounding plasma membrane and cell contentsCellulose fibres in matrix of hemicellulose Rigid but not flexibleLarge vacuole 3080 of internal volume AKA TonoplastUsed for storage and to maintain turgor pressure against the cell wallPlasmodesmataCytoplasmic connections between adjacent cells Plant cell wall structureHemicellulose is a branching polymer consists of chains of 500300 sugar unitsCellulose is a branched polymer made of 700015000 glucose molecules per polymer most abundant organic substance on EarthPectins particularly abundant in the nonwoody parts of terrestrial plants
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