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Chapter 18 Species Descent with modificationEvolution is change in allele frequencies over timeSelection on variation in phenotypes that has a genetic basis results in changes at population or species levelNatural selectionSexual selectionArtificial selectionSpecies Carl Linneaus aka the father of modern taxonomy and princeps botanicorum binary nomenclature genus and species a nested hierarchy Species is a group of organisms that is biologically distinct from other and evolving along a lineageWhat is a species often depends on what one of over twenty two species concepts you are usingSpecies conceptsA species concept is a set of conditions that are necessary and sufficient to identify a group of individuals as a speciesSpecies concepts do not only define what a species is but in doing so they also define what speciation is Important to many biologists working in the fields of taxonomy evolutionary biology ecological and behavioural studies and conservation biologyMorphological Species conceptmain technique that linneaus used to identify species Organisms are classified in the same species if they appear identical y morphological anatomical criteria Species delineations based on notable differences in phenotype
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