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Robert Boulianne

Chapter 5 Sex Determination and Sex ChromosomesKlinefelter Syndrome 47 XXYContain 3 sex chromosomesNondisjunctionone x did not go to one pole both did causing the fusion of the XX and Y There will then be one gamete that has no X or YCan occur in either the mother or the fatherTurner Syndrome 45 XOThe sister event to Klinefelter because it results from the same nondisjunction eventThe ears and eyes are usually sitting a little bit lower on the facial structureThe instance of Turner syndrome is much lower then that of Klinefelter and 47 XXX47 XXX SyndromeAs we start to add more and more Xs the severity of the condition increases 47 XYY ConditionHigher testosterone levelsPatricia Jacobs came out with a study showing the correlation between XYY and criminal record They set up a study and would identify babies that were XYY and would follow them through their birthThe issue of once you tag someone as something you set them on th course to follow the stereotypesThe Y ChromosomeThe PAR are at both ends of the telomeres because chromosomes start pairing at the ends of the chromosomeThere is one important area that determines maleness the SRYThe default lack of SRY causes a female who is XYTesticular feminization syndromeLack the androgen receptor still have testosterone but there is no trigger of transcription
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