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Chapter2MitosisandMeiosisHow do you determine length of the stagesThe duration of the S phase can be determined with a pulsechase experimentAny cell that are in the S phase will have a radioactive substance in the nuclei that will appear in the G2 phaseOnce it gets to the G2 phase the timer starts When you no longer see them labels in G2 the time stops and thats the length of time in mitosisusually one hour in length110 of cells in mitosis and mitosis takes an hour therefore the length of the cell cycle is 10 hours MitosisMitosis occurs in both haploid and diploid cellsOutcometwo cells each with the same number and type of chromosomes as the original parent cellIf you start with a haploid cell you get two haploid cells start with diploid and you will have 2 diploid cells in the endThe process is divided into four cytologically distinguishable phasesProphase metaphase anaphase and telophaseProphaseChromosome condensation occursto shorten the chromosomes so that they do not get tangled during mitosisMitotic spindle apparatus assemblesNuclear envelope breaks downMitotic SpindleDuring prophase the mitotic spindle assembles outside of the nucleus from microtubule organizing centres MTOCsIn animal cells the MTOCs are the centrioles which divide prior to S phase
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