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Robert Boulianne

MendelianGenetics09142012GeneticsGenetics is the study of the structure and function of genesEarly genetics focused on the passage of traits from parent to offspringAdvance in DNA technology and biochemistry allow the study of the structure and function of genes at the molecular level molecular geneticsGregor Johann Mendel 18221884In 1843 admitted to the Augustinian Monastery in BrnoAttended University of Vienna MISSING INFORMATIONGenotype and Phenotypehereditary traits are characteristics that are passed down from on generation to the nextthese traits are under the control of genesThe genetic makeup of an organism is its genotypeThe phenotype is the observable characteristics of a set of characteristics of an organism produced by the interaction between its genotype and environmentGood case for environment is height If you have a good diet you will grow taller within your genetic limits Mendels ExperimentsInsert information hereMendel came up with this ahead of his time and thusly was not recognized properly till later Why Mendel was SuccessfulWas able to see the pattern and understand itInsert information herePea PlantsA good model organismEasy to growBears flower and fruit in the same year a seed is plantedProduces a large number of seedsNormally the plant reproduce by selffertilizationIn order to cross the plants crossfertilization Mendel had to transfer pollen mechanically from one flower to anotherWould cut out the stamen from one plant and pollinate it with the stamen of another to prevent selffertilizationThe Beginning of the ExperimentMendel obtained 34 strains of pea plants that differed in a number of traitsHe allowed each strain to selffertilize for many generationsEnsuring that traits he wanted to study were heritableProduces truebreeding or purebreeding strainsFrom these plants Mendel decided to study even traitsEach trait has distinguishable alternate phenotypes
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