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Lecture 2

BI236 Lecture 2 Cells and Organelles

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Renuka Karunagoda

Lecture 2 Cells and Organelles sept. 11 what is a cell?  small living unit, they can grow, reproduce and respond to stimuli and communicate. they have receptors on their surface (carbohydrate molecules on cell surface). cells carry out chemical reactions and carry hereditary material (in form of DNA or RNA). and they are surrounded my a plasma membrane cell  Robert Hooke discovered cells in 1665 in cork  emerged on earth 4-4.3 billion years ago  they are complex interiors are structured in ways which complement their function  they communicate through signals and there are many pathways which help them communicate. a cells response will differ depending on cell type (ie muscle contraction)  the human egg is the largest cell in human body  paramecium is found in waters with small hairs around it  these can be seen by human eye ^^  certain cells can be a single cell, these are called microorganisms (bacteria, archea and yeast/fungi)  multi cell organisms have higher degree of organization within the organism (RBC, skin cells, plant cells) cell theory  first developed by..  theory states: all organisms are made up of one or more cells, and cells come from pre-existing cells o vital functions of an organism occur in cell (respiration etc) o all cells contain hereditary information necessary for regulating cell functions (genes have hereditary information, DNA makes RNA which makes protein) o hereditary information transmits information to the next generation of cells Seeing cells  small cells can be seen through light microscopes (such as structures wi
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