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Lecture 7

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Todd Ferretti

old animals made decisions thru life as it matured settle eat associateall decisions made in environment that varies in space and timehabitat environment in which an organism lives seeks food rest nest sites escape routes in habitatsuitable habitats good predictors of conditions suitable for future survivalreproductionchemosensory cue of red abalone larvae settles on surface that has potential of supplying food for future survival and reproductive successvisual info provides useful cues presence of already settled individuals is indicationflycatchers assess quality of habitat by seeing how well neighbours are doing settle in areas where broods abundant food artificially enlargedsome highly social animals vote on quality of habitats worker bees dance to communicate location site that excites most workers is chosen animals compete for highquality habitats may improve its fitness by establishingexclusive use of habitatmay do this by establishing territory which excludes conspecifics same species by advertising it owns area and chasing others away but advertising and chasing takes energycostbenefit approach assumes an animal has only a limited amt of time and energy to devote to activities costs must not outweigh benefits ecologists can make predictions design experiments and make observationsexplaining why patterns evolve the way they dobenefits of behaviour are improvements in survival and reproductive success 3 costsenergetic cost difference btwn energy at rest and energy used to perform behaviourrisk cost increased change of getting killedi
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