BF199 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Death Drive, Scapegoating, Scantron Corporation

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15 Feb 2016
Friday, February 12, 2016
Freud Cont’d
-Are people basically good to bad?
-What is society? Its role is to keep us on the strait and narrow. It controls people’s
wills and prevents the will of the individual form taking over the will of someone else.
Society controls our wills, especially the individual who wants to overpower others
-Society is the united front of the group against the will of any one individual.
-The goal is to balance the needs of society and the needs of the individual - balance
is a metaphor, kind of troubling, and hard to interpret. it is just telling you that there is
not harmony or equilibrium.
-Sincerely believes that no amount of reason or critical thinking will take deep
destructive desires away form us. The best thing they could do is even them out a
little bit. Maybe turn the dark impulses into something desirable.
-Most profound point: we all want to be happy and have pleasure but if we believe
happiness is a state in which we are normal, we have confused the issue. Happiness
is an abnormal state. Normal state is what we do normally. idea of being happiness is
rising above the normal. If you are always laughing or smiling then you freak people
out. it isn’t normal to be happy all the time. We use our happiness to prove how
successful we actually are. We define success in this culture, not just bank account
but happiness. If you truly believe you are to be happy all the time then you are
setting a txt for yourself that you will fail because you can’t be happy all the time.
When you fail you will be sad so setting yourself up for failure. Stresses aren’t as
manifested if you don’t focus on constantly being happy. Depression and anxiety
because we have set up false expectations for ourselves and we don’t get our
relationship with society - it will have tensions and struggles. As dark as it is, it is kind
of optimistic.
-THINK ABOUT THIS IN YOUR OWN LIFE - the role of happiness in your own life.
-Social life controls our sexual desires - wants our thinking about sex to change
Not completely, but there is a certain degree of conformity and safety. A very deep
sense of control here.
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