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BU111 Lecture Notes - Bachelor Of Business Administration

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Jim Mc Cutcheon

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Lecture 1
2:57 PM
What Is Business?
It is some total of all activities involved in the creation and distribution
of goods and services for private profit.
Primary Activities of a Business
Will create some kind of goods or services -----> operations function
Distribution of the actual goods of services -----> marketing function
Ancillary (secondary) Activities
Accounting function - information gathering, summarizing info to help
marketing their products and selling the product
Finance function - responsible for generating the funds
H/R function - recruiting ppl, training ppl, salary admin, human side of
the operation, etc
IT function
Profit Motive
Ppl are driven to make money, this is what drives business and and
differs from the govt
The Business 111 Course Model (The BBA program model)
What is a model?
A model is a representation of reality
Characteristics of a "Good" Model
A good model helps to simplify our understand of what would
otherwise be a very complex phenomena
A good model structures or frames our thinking regarding a complex
A good model provides a meaningful framework for analyzing and
studying a complex phenomena
A good model helps to show how the various aspects of reality (parts
of the model) interact with or impact upon one another
Your current model of bu111 and the role of management in
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