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BU121 Lecture Notes - Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce, Chiropractic, American Express

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Roopa Reddy

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DISC and Emotional Intelligence
Social Intelligence more interacting with others
- Focus on IQ testing
Non-Intellectual/Affective Factors those that are tied to your emotion than connect to your success
Multiple Intelligences 9 or 10
- It can’t be done in 1 way – there are combinations of areas that we excel
Emotional Quotient
Emotional Intelligence
- Not mainly for intelligence
- People questioned their research but there are many businesses that incorporate this and see
Emotional Intelligence why it can matter more than IQ
IQ measures cognitive intelligence intellectual, analytical and logical ability
- Book smarts
- Peaks at age 17 your IQ will not get higher after 17
- No correlation between IQ and EQ
- Doesn’t predict success in life
EQ measures
- Can always grow overtime with personal growth and work
o Continues to evolve and improves over time -- different than EQ and personality
- People with average IQs outperform those with High IQs score 70% higher on the EQ test
- Street smarts how you deal with everyday problems
EQ is related to Personality but not the same thing
- Traits that describe you
- How you think, feel,
In some way IQ, EQ, and personality are linked
EQi 5 main factors
- Intra-personal ability to know and manage yourself
o Self-Actualization reaching your full potential
o Self-Regard how you view yourself
o Independence
o Assertiveness
o Self-awareness
- Inter-Personal how you interact and get along with people
o Empathy
o Social responsibility
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