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DISC and Emotional Intelligence lecture notes.docx

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Roopa Reddy

DISC and Emotional Intelligence Social Intelligence – more interacting with others - Focus on IQ testing Non-Intellectual/Affective Factors – those that are tied to your emotion – than connect to your success Multiple Intelligences – 9 or 10 - It can’t be done in 1 way – there are combinations of areas that we excel Emotional Quotient Emotional Intelligence - Not mainly for intelligence - People questioned their research but there are many businesses that incorporate this and see success Emotional Intelligence – why it can matter more than IQ IQ measures cognitive intelligence – intellectual, analytical and logical ability - Book smarts - Peaks at age 17 – your IQ will not get higher after 17 - No correlation between IQ and EQ - Doesn’t predict success in life EQ measures - Can always grow overtime with personal growth and work o Continues to evolve and improves over time -- different than EQ and personality - People with average IQs outperform those with High IQs – score 70% higher on the EQ test - Street smarts – how you deal with everyday problems EQ is related to Personality but not the same thing Personality - Traits that describe you - How you think, feel, In some way IQ, EQ, and personality are linked EQi – 5 main factors - Intra-personal – ability to know and manage yourself o Self-Actualization – reaching your full potential o Self-Regard – how you view yourself o Independence o Assertiveness o Self-awareness - Inter-Personal – how you interact and get along with people o Empathy o Social responsibility o Interpersonal Relationships - Stress Management – stress tolerance and impulse control o Impulse control o Stress tolerance - Adaptability – flexibility and adapting changing – coming up with solu
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