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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

BU121- January 29 2013 What’s on the exam?  Text and readings in multiple choice  Lecture Material in short answers and problems  Material assessed already will not be examined Topics  Business Planning- ON exam  GEL and Business Model Canvas- N/a  Business Writing- ON exam  Made to Stick- ON  DISC/EQi- Overall concepts  Art of the Pitch- NOT on exam  Critical Thinking- ON exam  Marketing- ON exam  Finance- UP TO READING WEEK ONLY DISC/EQI  Give Insight  Balancing of Factors (DISC)  HOW IT AFFECTS GROUP WORK (Especially in term 1) DON’T FORGET TURNITIN for your action plans and GEL, and your Peer Evals for GEL!!!! ALWAYS have Personal Work Statements Keep PESTERING group members! CONNECTION WITH THE AUDIENCE: 4 views  Incorporate AUDIENCE’s point of view  MAKE EYE CONTACT  Did you grab and keep their attention?  Was the audience engaged? Has to be a true conversation Key things to know about the audience  What do they know/understand already?  What are their expectations  What do they know/understand already?  What’s their attitude? Eye Contact  Your message goes where your voice goes, and your voice goes where your eyes send it0 Francis Xavier Muldoon  Why is it important?  If you are not confident and sincere, how can THEY be confident/sincere when speaking to you?  Divide eye contact among audiences Audience Engagement  Have a connection with the audience  Use personal Tone TIPS  BODY LANGUAGE- be natural with it yet confident  CHANGE THE PACE, USE PAUSES  CLARIY  Place emphasis on important words and phases AWAKE Pitch  Not a good example, monotonous, talks too much about self *CRITICAL THINKING*  “…an approach to reading, thinking and learning that involves asing questions, examining our assumptions, and weighing the validity of arguments”  “can be developed as a frame of mind- a set of strategies that we will use as we determine whether or not to believe what we read or hear  Improves your arguments to make your communication persuasive Claims  “the major conclusion of a piece of writing that the author is trying to persuade you to accept”
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